Kinky Slinky - album art  




by Andrew (The Bull)

Vocals: Andrew (The Bull)

Verse 1 

6 foot 2 astride a mountainous horse 
for that was henry lord of the joust of course 
he could eat a whole hog to the bone 
he could woo all the fair ladies he was a manmade sword 
he was but a young king on his throne 
ne'er a dare nay a fear passed his mind 
but now young ann's passed his eye 
he's lost his balance from his horse 
i'm sure he could not have guessed of course 
he'd ever fall for her corpulent lies of love 

Verse 2 

she's after one thing for sure 
she's after henry and his english throne 
and that pot of gold 
she'd play hard to get on this now aging king 
but his mind was still sharp 
so she had to beckon to his whim 
no one saw the threat of ann boelyn 
poor cromwell lost his head trying to get her in 
before he could see her corpulent lies of love 

Verse 3 

now if there's a lesson of course 
don't confuse history on your wife's discourse 
she'll throw pots and pans at your head and say 
your beautiful lies can't tie me up today 
i'm a free woman with my own thoughts 
and i've been liberated to say 
keep your head in your pants and your hands off my kaboose 
cause after henry i got nothing to loose 
aint it sad to see 
that i ever believed 
in your corpulent lies of love 
you're a big fat lier hone