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Lyrics "AQUA"
by Andrew (The Bull)

Vocals: Andrew (The Bull)

All at home in the deep blue fire, 
but what you kill might break your lie, 
Do you really know what to do, 
Is killing me the answer to.. 

Verse 1 
You may try, is that really what you want to do, 
Take my life, it's up to you to choose. 

Don't let your hate break your desire, 
Fill your cup with love inside 

Cause you know 
You're never gonna win this war, 
As long as I 
Keep my lovin' thoughts. 

Chorus out 
If I were you, I'd let this go 
You only reap, what you can sow 
Have you ever asked the question why, 
You're up all night taking pills that lie.