Kinky Slinky - album art  




by Ian Pellow

Vocals: Ian Pellow

Verse 1
According to the latest protocols of social inclusion,
I must try to stay within the dotted lines of “normal” taste,
You’re damned if you say a bad word,
You go down to the deepest *room*,
You’re damned if you use a good line,
Taken out of context..ually,
So Long Billy Boy.

Verse 2
Now you know what a feat of lyrical magic engineering,
I had to write in order t’appease
All the local Government agencies,
You can’t write a song about midgets,
Without getting shorted in the reviews,
And you can’t write a song about gay priests,
Without getting shafted up the caboose,
So Long Billy Boy.
(and what a lovely bridge it is too….so shiny and new.  4 trains a day traverse it.
Feel free to talk amongst yourselves here,
if you’re not too keen on instrumental sections.
You have about 55 seconds until the verse kicks in again.)

Verse 3
All is explained, now I can move on to my song,
After the chorus,
It’s been a while since I started this vamp,
Here it is the first line after the “tag”
So Long Billy Boy.
Wait for it!

So Long…No he isn’t

                    Yes he is……Billy Barty