Kinky Slinky - album art  




by Andrew (The Bull)

Vocals: Andrew (The Bull)


Hello welcome my friends
The show's about to begin
Hot dogs, popcorn
settle down and get your groovy in

The Narrator

For what you're about to see is a once in a lifetime experience
Sit back folks
Here she comes


Isabella is a funny fella
Twisting and turning to shapes unseen by man
She could turn a dime from her arsehole to her front bottom
Just like so
Ohh Isabella
I'm sure she's not a fella
I'm certain.

Verse 2

Now this is my favourite part
It's where the dog comes in
Watch that tongue Fido you don't know where it's been
She can really turn you off or on
It just depends on what you wanna to see

The narrator

Okay young man get it back in your pants
it's not time for that just yet we've got two more scenes


Isabella Pornarella shot stray lasers from her tits
She was really groovy until the final scene.
There's just one thing
I don'twanna reveal


She was too young to die
But you can't live like a pin cushion
without one going in your eye
Isabella she was a star of the porn screen
She ruled the bedroom although I'm sure she was just fourteen
Isabella everyone thought she was royalty
She was the queen of the porno screen but she died

Hold on

The aislesman speaks

Now listen young man I told you to stop throwing Jaffas down the isle
if you don't behave I'm gonna throw you out
Watch this boy this is my favourite part

The final scene

Now listen here
Don't you ever decide to make a quick buck from your hide
Watch old Isabella suck them in