Kinky Slinky - album art  




by Ian Pellow

Vocals: Ian Pellow
Backing vocals: Kevin (the Astronut)

Come and do the Redneck…the Redneck Polka baby…X2

Hey; You gotta pig in your yard, another one on the front porch or
Perhaps in your cosy little “bou-do-oir”

Just do the Redneck Polka, in your “esteemed” little way,
No that doesn’t mean using a kettle by the way,
You twist and shout like it’s a normal Saturday night,
At the Redneck…Polka….Palladium,     
In Pittsburgh.

The Redneck Polka baby
Come and do the Redneck Polka
The Redneck Polka baby

Jerry Springer show, reminds you of your neighbours,
Your family tree is a spoon,
Perhaps there’s even a donkey, or a cousin too,

Just do the Redneck Polka, in your “irredeemable” way,
No that doesn’t mean shopping at Wal-Mart, for the day
Before you know you will be,
Taking a trip in your pick-up truck
To the Redneck…Polka….Palladium…
This year being held in the “City of Lights”…….Paris…

             (One of my ubiquitous bass solos here, I’m afraid….
            If you need to “pop out for a pee”,
            I will understand completely, and be only slightly offended…
            After my solo, will appear another couple of soloists hopefully…

Right, back to the verse….take it away Don Pardo….

Your mobile home, has more miles on it
Than you car….‘cept the radio
We’ll see you next week at the Redneck Rodeo

Swing your partner round ‘n round.
No it doesn’t count with “Rex” the hound
Do-si-do    (translates as “Yes they can” ….. I looked up in wiki).
Everybody likes a country song,
Could it be that they are all wrong?
Just join in,
… at the Redneck…
the Redneck Polka