Biography - Ian Pellow  


Born in Montreal,
Lived in Ottawa, Toronto, Belgium.

I now live in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland.

Growing up, I always played music.

I had a couple of years on piano with an instructor.

I was about 6 or so. Hated every minute of it.

What difference does it make if my fingers aren’t curled ?

2 years later I started playing trumpet and persisted with that for about 10 years.

I was good (modesty, modesty) but didn’t enjoy the feeling of the sound.

My hat goes off for any professional horn player.

A lot of practicing just to stay in shape.

I would like to take up trombone some day.. a lovely warm expressive instrument.

Listen to Jimmy Pankow’s playing on any old Chicago album from Transit Authority to Carnegie Hall (first 4 albums). Simply beautiful !

When I was about 15 I started playing bass. In May 1980 I bought a Guild fretless bass (B301AF) - thank you guys for that tax refund cheque – and realized quickly that it could be played in a more melodic way than a standard bass.

I still exclusively use that bass till this day. It has a few nicks and scrapes but it still plays wonderfully.

I also play guitar and have a De Armond and Fender Stratocaster, and use the Korg M1 keyboard for more ethereal keyboard sounds.

Terry Kath, of the above mentioned Chicago – the band.. not the movie ! Guitarist extraordinaire long gone before his time.

Peter Cetera’s bass playing…. Chicago again.

My style has been influenced by various people… Where do I start ?

Produced my first CD "MARTI WHO?" in 2004.

It had to be done. Too many songs lying about only for myself to listen to. Too selfish...

While we’re on the subject, Danny Seraphin, original Chicago drummer.

Danny if you read this, call me!

I would love to work with you !

Listen to his style, tailored to the song melody, expressive just as much as any tunable instrument.

I saw the original line-up of Chicago in Montreal, for their 10th album.

The best show ever.


Frank Zappa, another VERY influential musician, once again… long gone and sorely missed.

His frankness (forgive the pun) allowed him to express his beliefs in musical form.

I am still working on it !

Jaco Pastorius, now it becomes odd… gone into eternal hibernation way too early. A brilliant musician with a unique style, a devastating technique and a flawless performance…

I’ll better stop here because it's beginning to sound like the previous paragraph about Zappa.

Produced my second CD "Fruit Allures" in 2006.

Totally different. Different emotions, different times.

That is basically it…

Still happily living in Scotland with my soulmate, son and 2 doggies.

Writing music to my heart's content :)

And with my new CD on the shelves NOW -->


My newest baby has finally arrived.

A collaboration of artists from all over the world.
In the shops and available for download NOW!