Fruit Allures - album art  






Another gem from multi-instrumentalist Ian Pellow. An Instrumental Progressive Rock menu with some smooth sorbets before the main Alternative dish, played by just one man with the fretless bass as leading instrument.


1. Pasta Sell by Date– 4:12

A little pun that I'm confident you'll get. Great food though. A little sauce on top, and some garlic bread. On the pasta of course, not the dates! Ich... I just tried to imagine the taste; I'll be back in a minute.

2. Lettuce Prey– 5:14

Yes, lettuce prey that people will finally stand up against the corporate crap, business lingo and 24/7. Get a life! And once you have one, treasure it. Laugh at it, with it, under and above it, because you do not get a second chance.

3. Fruit Allures– 4:58

The title track. A take-off on the famous French expression 'Zoot Allures', meaning, the attraction of wearing a Zoot. I think Zappa said it best when he said 'ARF!'. Enjoy.

4. Quantum Leek– 4:48

Leeks: from the onion family. Boy, did they ever smell! used to live beside them when I was a kid. They finally moved away when I was 9, only to be replaced by the Garlicks. Life is sometimes unfair.

5. Give Pizza Chance– 3:20

*Message to Tony and George**

My parents used to tell me that if I had a difference with somebody I should try to understand the other person's perspective. It works. Why don't YOU try it Tony & George? The world would be a better place.

6. Cello con Carne– 5:28

A wee change of pace. Did anybody dance?

7. Energet Egg– 6:46

Double track bass, chock full of solos, or should that be "soli" ? E tu Brutus...

8. Salad Days– 4:30

Sorry, no pun here. I simply ran out of them. Kind of honey isn't it? Damn, could have used that one.
I love honey.

9. (The) Sheep Shag Truffle– 5:12

A little 2-step done with 3, 4inners.

10. Fondue You– 6:27

Fond of many people, enemy of none, I sincerely hope.
We are a compassionate species but we spend most of our time trying to find the worst in others. Instead, try smiling to a perfect stranger. If we ALL did that everyday, a small gesture that is, we would all feel better.

11. Summer Bries– 7:50

Remember the Garlicks I was telling you about, well the Bries lived on the other side. I'm still traumatized

Composed, performed and produced by Ian Pellow @ ZapKath studio Scotland.