Marti Who - album art  






Ian Pellow, multi-instrumentalist, has concocted an inspiring mixture of beautiful bass melodies, velvet keyboard sounds, passionate yearning rock, seasoned with a hint of exotic charm and a fragrance of Frank Zappa, Terry Kath and Jaco Pastorius :

1. Dora’s Auras – 5:54

Know Zappa? Then this might ring a bell. If not… there’s no space on here to explain. The first measure of the bass and piano line at 3:30 reminds me of an old Jacques Cousteau documentary…??!?


2. Funkaduck – 4:26
Love those drums. You describe it, I’ll go along with it!

3. Samba not – 4:01

Definitely not a samba but “Rock is” sounded stupid.


4. Marti who? – 3:47

Ever since being in Scotland and having to spell my name, people would say “oh… as in Marti Pellow? Are you related?”. Never heard of Marti before I moved here – for those of you who do not know him either, I’ll get back to you in a second – thus the question: Marti who?
Right, back to Marti. He used to play in a group called Wet Wet Wet but isn’t anymore. Oops, no, he’s back!

5. Jaco’s Wake – 2:28

Hats off please, the master has left the room. I wrote this song as an homage to Jaco Pastorius, one of the greatest bassists who ever lived.

6. Ghivadham – 5:40

May sound like a Tibetan prayer but is actually saying what we all should do: Give a damn! Care about what is happening in the world. Care for REAL freedom, not the one ruled by the rich corporate world!

7. Passionaire – 6:57

The female form of passion. Aire, from the Greek meaning… uh… female form of passion. Passion is a funny thing… It is amazing how itdrives us all and feeds us simultaneously. We all have it, we all experience it…
This is my version.

8. Meaty Changes – 5:44

As it says in the title… meaty changes. Influences from Zappa and guitar sounding like Terry Kath’s. I wish I could play more like him. A very undervalued monster guitarist!

9. George… the Omnipotent Lemming – 4:56

Think about how many prominent Georges you know… The bass solo represents the actual chaos in Iraq… Does that narrow it down for you? All powerful puppet. Just who is pulling the strings? Keep him from pulling yours!

10. No. 8 – 3:52

Why not?

11. Frankly – 5:26

Frankly I don’t know why everybody keeps asking me where the lyrics are…
There aren’t any!

Composed, performed and produced by
Ian Pellow @ ZapKath studio Scotland.

Mastered by Unity Recording Studio, Nairn.
Design by ZapKath©2004.